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CRICKET & PLATO is the story of a girl and the imaginary Stegosaurus who loves her. 

Well, it’s actually a bit more complicated than that. 

Cricket is a self-conscious girl of 9 who is both blessed and cursed with a Sixth Sense.  No, she can’t see dead people; Cricket sees ALL  imaginary beings, including her own imaginary friend from her childhood:  Plato, an enormous Stegosaurus.

Although deep down, Cricket would rather hang out with Plato, she knows this simply isn’t, well, realistic!  Her real friends and family would say she’s acting like a nut case.  Or worse, like a BABY!  Plato has a hard time understanding why Cricket wants to give him up.

Cricket lives in a typical cramped suburb, but can enter the imaginary world called REVERIE in the woods behind her backyard.  But that’s not enough for Plato.  He hangs around Cricket as often as possible, usually when it’s most inconvenient for Cricket.  Nothing ruins a sleepover quicker than a 20-ton Stegosaurus nobody else can see!

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