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Born 11/20/69 in Athens, GA.  Grew up in Hattiesburg, MS.  Graduated from Atlanta College of Art in ’91 and went right to work in the Atlanta animation scene.  Started my comics career in ’93 and drew plenty of licensed characters (Looney Tunes, Ren & Stimpy, Wolf & Red, Pepper Ann, The Simpsons, etc.).  Also drew some newspaper strips of “Bugs Bunny” and “The Simpsons.”  In ’98 started writing and drawing my own comic book, Hopster’s Tracks.  Worked on a story in Jim Ottavini’s Dignifying Science.  Presently a character artist at Cartoon Network.  Still draw plenty of comic pages too, including more of my own characters.  Also had a lot of fun last year working on DC’s Sweatshop with Peter Bagge.  Reside in Doraville, GA with my dry-witted husband John Miller and a frantic black cat.  Am easily lured from my drawing table with the promise of sushi.



1)  Where did you learn to draw like that?

Practice, practice, practice.  Or obsessive-compulsion disorder. I'm not sure which.

2)  Why cartooning?

Why not?  It's one of the most powerful art forms.  But seriously, I have no idea why I was drawn to cartooning.  It was just meant to be.

3)  Then what're your favorite characters to draw?

Without a doubt, my own!  But the teams of Coyote & Roadrunner and Tom & Jerry are close runners-up.

4)  What's your proudest career moment so far?

Seeing my own comic "Hopster's Tracks" published (my most depressing career moment was seeing "Hopster's Tracks" cancelled).

5)  Comics and animation are collaborative -- who do you like to work with?

Whattaya tryin' to do--start a fight?   I can work with just about anybody.  Except jerks.  I can't work with jerks.

6)  Favorite cartoonists of the past?

For many years, my personal holy trinity of cartooning was Charles Schulz, Chuck Jones and Berke Breathed.  But there's an awful lotta Walt Kelly and Wally Wood influence in my work...

7)  What about non-art influences -- movies?  TV shows?

Ooh, that's a tough one.  I was fascinated by both animated features and old cartoons on TV, obviously.

8)  What's your greatest strengths or weaknesses as an artist?

My strength is drawing either "funny animal"  or broad slapstick.  My weakness is caricature.

9)  Name something you don't even remember drawing...

"Powdered Toast Man Special # 2" pages 27-38.  I'm total blank on that book.

10) Er, advice for someone wanting to get into cartooning?

Persistance.  You REALLY hafta wanna draw!  Cartooning is tougher than it looks.  If I'd known that as a kid, I might have gone into dentistry!

11) What's a comic worth digging in the back-issue bins for?

Anything by Peter Bagge, Evan Dorkin, Mary Fleener, Mike Kazaleh, Stan Sakai, Sergio Aragones', Harvey Kurtzman, Jack Davis...this is turning into a long list!

12) Music?  What's playin' while you draw or you're in the car?

It depends on my mood.  Sometimes I'm in a rockabilly mood, a lounge music mood, a power-pop/punk mood, a surf music mood...But it's a pretty good bet a Nick Lowe CD is close by.

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